Recent installations and a hefty list of cases and references with clients worldwide.


3 Bronze units FM 4000-3-GP-F-BRZ mounted on separate foam trailers, designed by Croatian engineering company Arming d.o.o. The collaboration with Arming provided a smart mobile proportioning solution, using our fixed FIREMIKS - GP model for protection of the JET A1 Terminal (storage area for the aviation fuel-Kerosene), in Port of KOPER, Slovenia, an important cargo port that connects Southeast Asia with Europe.



During 2015, Firemiks AB has supplied two units FIREMIKS FM 12000 - one for 1% and the other for 3% - to Port of Rauma, the biggest general cargo and container port on the Finnish west coast.

port of rauma


In 2015 Jomala Fire Department acquired a FIREMIKS unit for a water tender mounted on a 24-tonne multi-lift system with
two 200-litre foam concentrate tanks and a 15,000 litre water tank, with an additional 7,000 litre open pool on the roof.
The FM 1800 0,33-0,66-1-PP-F model offers three selectable dosing rates 0,33%, 0,66% and 1% for maximum flexibility.
The unit is intended to be used specifically for the local airport and to attend large scale fires on the island.


The following are further examples of references for FIREMIKS installations:

Austria. EMPL Fire truck manufacturer, FM 6000-1-2-3-4-5-6-PP-BRZ (for Qatar).

Colombia. Terminal de Hidrocarburos de Cartagena de Indias. FM 1200-3.

Finland. Vantaa Energy, FM 6000-0,5-PP-S.

Finland. Port Rauma Harbour, one FM 12000-3-GP-F and one FM 12000-3-GP-F.

Ghana. Takoradi Power plant project, FM 8000-1-GP-F. Takoradi is partly financed by World bank.

Indonesia. Pertamina, State Oil Company, more than 30 units from FM 800-3 to FM 8000-3.

Iran. North Oil Terminal Company, 3 units FM 6000-3-PP-F.

Madagascar. Galana Raffinerie Terminal, FM 12000-3-GP-F-BRZ.

Mozambique. British Petroleum, FM 6000-3.

Norway. Teekay Petrojarl, FM 2400-3-RP-S, heli-deck protection.

Norway. Jotun, Firemiks AB is preferred supplier to Norwegian international paint producer Jotun A/S.
Examples of units are FM 6000-3, FM 8000-3 and FM 10000-3 for factories in Vietnam, Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Russia. LUKOIL, Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez Oil plant, 2 units FM 4000-1-GP-F.

Singapore. Singapore Navy, total 46 bronze units for Littoral Mission Vessels.  
                   FM 2400-1 and 300-1, DNV-GL certified.

Slovenia. Port of Koper, 3 units FM 4000-3-GP-F-BRZ, installed on trailers built by company Arming.

South Africa. Petro SA, FM 8000-3-6-RP-M, mobile unit placed on a foam trailer.

South Africa. ACSA airport O.R. Tambo International, in Johannesburg, 3 units FM 10000-3-RP-F.

Sweden. Swedish Naval Corvette, 3 units FM 1200-3-RP-F, on ships built by Thyssen Krupp Marine.

Sweden. Power Plant Filborna, Helsingborg, FM 3200-3-RP-F.

Sweden. Nynas Petroleum, FM 2400-3-RP-F.

Sweden. Sundsvall Fire Brigade, FM 400-1-2-3-PP-F, installed on a water/foam tender.

Sweden. Södertälje Police headquarter, FM 400-3-GP-S, installed in a sprinkler system.

Taiwan. Eternal Chemical, 2 units FM 1200-6-RP-F, tank farm protection.

Turkey. Turkish Army, 6 units FM 4000-3-RP-F for installation in Hangars.

United Kingdom. Greenenergy, FM 6000-1, FM 8000-1.

United Kingdom. Rolls Royce Nuclear, FM 800-3.

Uruguay. Alur, Bio-Etanol Paysandu, FM 1200-3.

Åland Island. Jomala Fire Brigade, FM 1800-033-0,66-1-PP-F installed on a water/foam tender.