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Ventajas principales con FIREMIKS

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Por su sistema compacto impulsado únicamente por la corriente de agua.
- Sin necesidad adicional de componentes o energía externa.


Por su sistema mecánico de flujo auto-regulador con un amplio intérvalo de flujo, presión y de larga duración.
- Sin necesidad de complicaciones buscando el equilibrio o calibrado de la presión.


Prueba economizadora y ambientalmente aprobada gracias a la válvula dosificadora de retención del concentrado de medios opcional.
- Sin necesidad de consumir medios de extinction durante los ensayos o el mantenimiento.

FIREMIKS is the efficient proportioning system where cost and environmental concerns are Paramount.

- With FIREMIKS dosing is proportional to flow rate and practically independent of pressure variations. This gives a steady admixture within the min and max flow and pressure.
- FIREMIKS is available in different flow sizes; from 300 up to 12.000 lpm, with fixed dosing alternatives; 0,5%, 1%, 2%, 3% or selectable. Other dosing options on request. Consists of a robust hydraulic water motor and a concentrate pump – both of displacement (volumetric) type -and linked mechanically by a direct drive coupling.
- Works with virtually all types of foaming agents, included the AR-types. Is also suitable for wetting agents and other fire fighting chemicals.
- Permits uninterrupted application time as long as foam liquid and water are supplied.
- You may use different types of nozzles, at different heights and lengths from FIREMIKS. Changes of length or diameter of pipe/hose system after FIREMIKS up to the nozzles are not affecting the admixture as long as the water pressure from main pump is sufficient to transport the foam/water solution to the end of the system.
- Materials used are hard anodized and PTFE-coated aluminum in water motor and bronze in dosing pump. All other parts are also made in corrosion resistant material such as AISI 316 stainless steel, brass and PET. Requires little maintenance. Other materials available on request.
- Flushing of foam pump is made with water when foam inlet is closed.
- Optional equipment delivered on request; for example foam return valve for easy and quick checking of admixture rate, without generating water/foam solution.

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Further information

A water motor-driven foam pump system is a mechanical way of dosing foam concentrate and other firefighting additives into the water, without the need of external power or pressure balance.
There are mainly two different fundamental solutions to how to mix the foam concentrate into waterflow:

Systems using Pressure Balance.

- Systems using this method are for ex. in-line inductor, balance pressure proportioner, bladder tank proportioner, and around-the-pump proportioner.
These systems dose the foam concentrate mainly by achieving a pressure balance between water and foam concentrate.

Systems measuring Water Flow vs Foam Flow.

In this group there are mainly two systems:
1. Systems using electronically controlled flow meters for water and foam concentrate in conjunction with a variable output foam pump control system.
2. Systems using a mechanical solution with a water motor-driven foam pump. These systems consist of two volumetric parts, one water motor and one foam pump, connected to each other through a direct drive coupling. With this solution the water motor acts like a combined flow meter/drive for the foam pump, so automatically achieving the correct ratio between water motor and foam pump, without any external flow meters, foam pumps or orifices.

The water motor in this type of system may either be a turbine or a positive displacement type motor. The difference between these two options is that, with a turbine as drive, the flow and pressure range will be limited as a turbine (and Peltonwheel) is only partly volumetric. With a positive displacement (= fully volumetric) water motor it is possible to maintain the mathematical ratio between water motor and foam pump in a wider pressure and flow range. FIREMIKS is such a fully volumetric system.
FIREMIKS can be used anywhere between a water source (hydrant or main water pump) and any type of nozzle (monitor, spray pipe, foam chamber, sprinkler head, low- ex, medium-ex or high-ex.) It does not need a pressure tank; only connect it to an atmospheric foam tank, which may well be the container from the foam liquid supplier.