INTERSEC - presenting first line of FM-approved FIREMIKS® units



We are proud to announce that we from January 9th can offer a selected line of FM-approved (Class 5130) FIREMIKS® units. Units: 450-3-PP-ALU-FM, 800-3-PP-F-ALU-FM, 1200-3-PP-F-ALU-FM, 1800-3-PP-F-ALU-FM, 2400-3-PP-F-ALU-FM and 3200-3-PP-F-ALU-FM.

To receive the Factory Mutual (FM) certification, as it holds one of the most rigorous industry standards worldwide, has been a strenuous but rewarding process and we look forward to continuing our goal of offering more FM-approved high-quality water driven dosing system solution to the international firefighting market!

FM-approval FIREMIKS

We will be present at INTERSEC in Dubai in the stand 6-G24 of our distributor Solas Marine.
If you attend please contact us beforehand, we would be pleased to meet you and update you on our
latest developments, and also discuss with you the potential with our new FM-approved line of

Our FM-approved FIREMIKS® 2400-3-PP-F-ALU-FM will be displayed at INTERSEC.  (pic below)

2400-3-PP-F-ALU-FM (front)
2400-3-PP-F-ALU-FM (back)