Firemiks AB – A family company for three generations

Originally founded in 1979 – as a Swedish family based business -
Firemiks AB is operated by the third generation.

Throughout the years, our main focus has been to develop, manufacture and distribute
our product line of water motor driven proportioning systems worldwide.

Our work method is to produce with flexibility, offering the opportunity to customize
the product to the individual preferences of our clients.

With more than 30 years of experience in the international firefighting market
– Firemiks AB is a company to count on!



To provide reliable, efficient and high quality dosing systems for fire-fighting in every part of the world.

Steadily reduce loss in human lives, property and environmental damages by making the world better equipped to stand against fire disasters.


  • For us, quality means that we deliver services and products that meet our customers' high expectations for performance, delivery, service and overall costs. To achieve this, we work in the following way:

    • By working closely and establishing a long-term cooperation with suppliers that have the same quality standards as we do

    • Through a close dialogue with distributors and end customers who need foam proportioning equipment for firefighting, to ensure and satisfy our customers’ needs

    • Employing and caring for highly skilled and committed staff

    • By constantly improving and developing products, processes and our quality management system, and trough the commitment to follow applicable requirements



ISO 9001 certified by BUREAU VERITAS - Development, production and sales of water motor driven dosing systems for fire-fighting – Certificate no SE003499-1

Integrated in our daily operations, we are committed to improve and protect the health and safety for our employees and for the surrounding environment, on a local and global scale. We will do so:

  • By including environmental requirements when planning and designing activities to effectively prevent pollution in our productions
  • By complying with all applicable environmental laws and aim to manage all phases of our business in a manner that minimizes the impact of our operations on the environment
  • By periodically review and continuously develop our environmental management system
  • Through commitment and involvement in environmental issues and impact from employees and management by training and practice



To give our contribution to a more sustainable world we support WWF in its campaign for saving the Baltic Sea.