Guide to choosing your FIREMIKS

The following list is a guide which will assist you in defining your specifications. Please fill in the appropriate answers/comments to the extent possible. If such information is not available, please leave the field blank. Based on the information provided, we will offer the optimum FIREMIKS model for your particular needs.

Please describe first generally in what circumstances your inquired FIREMIKS-unit(s) will be installed/used:

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Unit configuration points                                 Factors to consider
1. Freshwater or saltwater as driving medium of the water motor. Note! Clean water is imperative.Freshwater: Water motor in hard-anodized aluminium with PTFE coating. Saltwater: Water motor in Bronze.
2. System flow rangeProvide max. and min. flow in litres per minute (lpm). Or provide target flow, e.g deluge system with only one steady flow. State also if it is a dry pipe or wet pipe installation. Note! Parallel installation of several FIREMIKS-units is possible.
3. Dry or wet pipe
Please state if the FIREMIKS unit is installed in a system filled with water (wet) or if the unit remains empty until activation of the system (dry).
4. Working pressure rangeState max. and min. working pressure in bar, or provide target pressure, e.g deluge system, at the inlet of the FIREMIKS. Also please state if the pressure drop over the unit is a crucial factor. In such cases, a larger size of the water motor can be chosen to decrease the pressure drop. (For normal pressure drop please consult corresponding data sheet.)
5. System pressureState in bar the maximum system pressure.
6. Type of concentrateState type of concentrate, viscosity, Newtonian/Non-Newtonian. If possible please provide the data sheet from the supplier.
7. Dosing of concentrateState dosing rate in % and if there is a need for selectable dosing rate. We recommend concentrates with dosing rate of 3% and below. Also state if it is gravity feed or if suction of concentrate is needed. Generally speaking, gravity feed is recommended on Gear pumps units and is a requirement on Piston pump units.
8. Selection of Gear pump (- GP) or Piston pump (-PP)From the information above in section 2-6 we can recommend the most suitable type of pump.
9. Optional – Dosing return valveThe FIREMIKS unit can be supplied with a dosing return valve when there is a need for testing the system without consuming extinguishing media.Return the concentrate back to the extinguishing media tank during a test. This gives a substantial saving of costs during many years. Apart from no need of concentrate there is no cost for cleaning up and destruction of the solution after the test, which is an important environmental benefit if choosing this option.
10. Optional – Installation/ MobilityPossible options: Vertical installation, different kinds of couplings/flanges, bottom bracket, carrying handle, protective frame, wheels, automatic air relief valve (manual air relief valve is standard), separate suction pipe, hand pulled cart, trailer.
11. Optional – Spare partsPackages of Recommended spare parts are available for all models.
12. Optional – OtherE.g. Reverse flow direction, extra selector valve and/or clap valve for the suction pipe, unit adapted to high ambient temperatures,   stainless-steel couplings, water filter to be placed before FIREMIKS, etc.
13. Documentation – DeliveryTest protocol, CE-certificate. Optional: material specification EN 10204
14. Documentation – Third party certificationEach unit can be inspected by third parties such as DNV, BV, etc.