Operating Principle and Installation Guidelines


A reliable, simple and self-regulating mechanical system driven by the existing water flow - no other energy source required. Accurate proportioning is made automatic, the FIREMIKS system adjust itself for changes in flow and pressure, without any calibration needed.


FIREMIKS is flow driven. The water flow goes through the FIREMIKS positive displacement water motor. This generates an axial rotation, transferred to the dosing pump over the direct drive coupling.

Since the water motor functions both as a drive to the dosing pump and as a flow meter device, the system becomes by that flow proportional: dosing remains within approved tolerance regardless of variations in the water flow.


Special designed volumetric water motor using 8-10 vanes extending from the rotor gives smooth rotation and volumetric function without using moving elastomer sealing.


When installing FIREMIKS we strongly recommend that the concentrate tank minimum level is above the inlet of the dosing pump so that the concentrate has a free flow from the tank down to the dosing pump, this makes the suction efficient and immediate from the start. Gravity feed is a requirement when installing our piston pump type model - PP,

The internal diameter on the suction system must have an equal diameter, or one step larger, as the inlet of the  Selector valve Dosing/Flushing valve on the dosing pump. Consult Data sheet for each model for detailed recommendations.

FIREMIKS is designed to operate with clean water. No abrasive particles should be present in the water flow. Attention! Rinse the piping thoroughly before installing FIREMIKS to ensure that the extinguishing water is completely clean of waste products after welding, etc.

If the installation is to operate for an extended period of time with extinguishing water only, a by-pass with suitable valves should be installed around the FIREMIKS system to avoid unnecessary wear.

Dry running of the FIREMIKS dosing pump is not allowed, always use the internal flushing if suction of concentrate does not occur.

For fixed installations we recommend that FIRMIKS is delivered with a Dosing Return Valve (DRV) that makes it possible to return extinguishing media to the tank. This enables simple, fast and regular testing of the device’s functionality, including the ability to check the proportioning without wasting any concentrate.


FIREMIKS works with all common types of nozzles, among others: Low-Ex, Medium-Ex and High-Ex nozzles, foam sprinkler heads, spray nozzles, foam monitors and foam chambers.

You will find further information and documents, such as our Instruction Manual, Data sheet and Flow Chart on our Download page.

Do not hesitate to contact us on info@firemiks.com for more information!


Above picture show an example of a parallel installation. Most important is to design the piping’s so that the flow is divided evenly between the two units. Consult us for our support if you consider this solution. 

We also offer our units to be installed in parallel on a basic skid without piping’s, to double the flow capacity. For example, above FIREMIKS 16000-3-PP-F-SKID (2 x 8000-3-PP-F).




When designing your project always consult us for the latest Data sheet and Dimensional drawings where you also will find the mounting interfaces for each model.