Here you find the most frequently asked questions.
Note! All answers are based on assumption that the stated min. and max. limits of flow and pressure are within the specified limits for any given FIREMIKS-unit.

Frequently asked questions for use of FIREMIKS® in fire & rescue services.

Q: Can we apply several different types of nozzles to a FIREMIKS?

A: Yes, you can use for example spray nozzles, Low- Medium- or High-EX devices, or any other type of nozzle at the same time as long as they are designed for roughly the same nominal pressure.

Q: Can we use different and varied feed pressures to the FIREMIKS?

A: Yes, the admixture is practically independent of the inlet and back pressure in the system.

Q: Can we distribute a correct concentrate solution to a nozzle placed on a 40-meter high raised platform?

A: Yes, the FIREMIKS can cope with heights up to 50 meters if the inlet pressure to the FIREMIKS from the main pump is 12 bar. Pressure drop over FIREMIKS 1-2 bar, 50 meters height 5 bar, leaving about 5 bar for hoses and nozzles.

Q: What length of hoses can we use downstream the FIREMIKS?

A: You can use whatever length you want or need since the length doesn’t affect the function of the FIREMIKS.

The crucial factor is having an adequate pressure of the water from the main water pump so the water/concentrate solution can be transported to the nozzle at the required flow and pressure.

Q: Can we divide the hoses and use several nozzles positioned in different lengths and heights from the FIREMIKS?

A: Yes, there are no problems with this; it creates practically no effect on the dosing rate. You may also close and open these nozzles independently of each other. See also crucial factor in previous answer.

Q: Does the FIREMIKS function even with high-viscosity Alcohol Resistant foam concentrates and low-viscosity wetting agents?

A: Yes, FIREMIKS can be adapted to all common types of concentrates, on request please specify which type of extinguishing concentrate, dosing rate and its viscosity, and we will offer you the FIREMIKS type that is optimally adapted to your choice. The general rule is that the gear pump (-GP) is best suited for high-viscous concentrates and a piston pump (-PP) is best suited for low and medium viscosity.

Frequently asked questions for use of FIREMIKS® in Fire Fighting installations

Q: Can we install a FIREMIKS in an existing water sprinkler system?

A: Yes, you only have to install the FIREMIKS somewhere suitably between the main pump and sprinkler heads and connect it to an atmospheric concentrate tank. The optimum FIREMIKS for sprinkler systems is our piston pump type – PP.

Q: Can we use FIREMIKS in a deluge system?

A: Yes, it works perfectly. Deluge systems are designed for a certain flow/pressure, with a FIREMIKS you have an increased safety margin if the system for any reason occasionally does not keep this intended flow/pressure. A suitable FIREMIKS for deluge systems is normally our gear pump type – GP.

Q: Do we need a pressure tank for the concentrate supply?

A: No, just a normal atmospheric tank is needed, you may well use the container from the extinguishing media concentrate supplier.

Q: Can we install two FIREMIKS in parallel?

A: Yes, that is not a problem; you can even install 3-4 units in parallel as long as you create a harmonic flow in the pipes and you keep the required min. flow of each unit.